I deliver education and training in maximizing goal achievement, trauma erasure and life fulfillment,facilitating clients reconnecting with their own, inherent wisdom, power, knowing and effective action.

As I became familiar with psychopathology, I found that — interestingly –, all the addictive processes, all the maladaptive tendencies (the coping strategies that fail to work), have ONE clear commonality: they exhibit strong conformity. That is, above natural conformity, to a certain set of patterns, amongst those in their grip. Whereas the truly sane, effective and outright happy ALL are astonishingly diverse, improvisational, and “fresh” in their responses and initiating actions. I find this the most inspiring thing.

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  2. True love always sees true. Intelligent concern, expressed from the Cardiac Mind, rather than derivative merely sentiment (bless authentic sentiment, may it ever follow, never lead), or counterfeit love, the mistaken perversion and even cynical imitation of intelligent concern.Love, inherently brilliant, illumines as it sees.

  3. Typo; “mere sentiment”

  4. Hey Beth, I just looked you up tonight to see what you’ve been up to, and I stumbled upon the Facebook photos of your daughter. Wow – I can’t tell you how moved I am! I hope she’s happy and well. You too! You’ll be in our prayers,

    K (& A)

    • Hello, K (& A); to whom am I speaking? I am unclear who you are, and how you might know me, and my daughter. Thank you.

  5. I just heard you on Paradime shift radio.. good stuff :) Orysha

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